English translations of the original French texts

Links to Olympe de Gouges Resources

France Culture radio programme on Olympe de Gouges with Olivier Blanc, Clarissa Palmer, Annie Vergne and others; available online for 1000 days from 19/9/13.

If you will be in or around Montparnasse you can see a stage production of 'Olympe de Gouges porteuse d'Espoir' at Le Guichet Theatre

The text of this play is also available from the French publisher.

A new research programme ( started January 2014 ) on francophone feminist studies in international law is running at The Sorbonne, Paris. The programme is called OLYMPE in honour of Olympe de Gouges. You can find out more about it via their website.

A history of Paris library holds many of de Gouges's original pamphlets.

A university library, open to the general public, specialising in feminism and the history of women; has a dossier dedicated to de Gouges.

The national archives dossier on Olympe de Gouges with original posters, letters, and revolutionnary tribunal papers.

An online resource with many of de Gouges's original texts available to read online.

A digitised collection of texts and images from many European institutions, collection of de Gouges related material.

A brief description of de Gouges's trial quoting original summing up etc.

An article on de Gouges and on her father Le Franc de Pompignan in French from a website celebrating their home province. English version

An article on de Gouges and her Rights of Woman.

You Tube - seven minute documentary in French on the creation of Catel & Bocquet's hugely successful and wonderfully well researched graphic biography of Olympe de Gouges.

A useful site in English with English and French texts of 'The Rights of Women' (1791) and many other relevant resources.

Another translation into English of the Rights of Woman followed by essay on author.